Competition-Match Grade
Forged Main and Sear Springs


These are designed and made with Skirmishing in mind, forged of US spring steel, tested to -20 degrees F for cold weather use, and duty cycled over 20,000 cycles. These springs will offer years of service with no reduction in force.  They have a measured 10 percent increased force through the entire hammer arc, with an increase in hammer speed that produces 20 percent shorter hammer cycle.

These springs have consistent part-to-part tolerance and will fit most Springfield locks.

The sear spring can be used in Springfield, as well as Zouave locks.

Minor fitting may be required.   •   Made in the USA.  •   Offered exclusively by Charlie Hahn.

Current pricing is $39.00 for the main spring and $9.00 for the sear spring.      (Pricing subject to change without notice.)